Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A Wee Bit O'Fun With Weebly!

So I decided to start my adventure with Weebly today.
At first, I was like, “Ugh. This is going to be a pain.” To my surprised, I tried to start an account with Weebly, but apparently I already had one. Of course, I had forgotten my password and had to reset it, but when I finally got on to the site, I saw a previously made website and remembered, “Oh yeah! I actually liked this!” The website I made was for another educational technology class over a year ago, and I had to make a website about nutrition. Not to toot my own horn or anything, but it’s a pretty awesome website. It’s an even better website because it’s free.

I have to admit, I had to watch a video to help me remember what to do exactly.  I started off my site without a lot of direction, not really knowing what I was going to do for my project, but I figured that I would a least fiddle around with Weebly. I did realize as I was working that it was super easy to create the “cover page” of my website. It was pretty easy to type directly onto the page.

I realized that by using Weebly, it would be easy to create a literary magazine project online. Weebly provides its designers with a contact button, so it would be easy for teachers or students to email work to have it uploaded to the “magazine.” It would also be easy to make something like my literary magazine idea a countywide initiative and as something distributed through the English Language Arts department.

While I continued to fiddle, I thought of how I could use Weebly to create project websites, especially for research projects. Currently, I use my Google Site to house links for projects, but my Google Site URL is really long, and the students often have trouble navigating it beyond the home page where I post my homework.

I am nowhere near finishing my website for my online literary magazine, but I’m hoping that through using Weebly, it won’t be nearly as painful as I anticipated.


  1. You make Weebly sound like fun! I can't wait to use it to create the website for this class. I've already used Google sites so another website-creating site will be great for comparisons. I may use Weebly for the Author-paloosa activity coming this fall for which I am responsible for student-author websites.

  2. I have recently started exploring Weebly, as well. My team this year has decided to develop a grade level website and this is one of the sites that our county allows us to use.

    So far I have found that it is easy to use, but the free version does have limitations.

    • Able to view in both web and mobile.
    • Drag and Drop Design
    • Can have Multiple Editors
    • Upload Folder as Buttons
    • Variety of Features

    • Only allowed five tabs/pages
    • Anything that it is typed in the header of each page is not visible in the mobile mode.

    As you explore through the site more, please share any help hints that you may discover.

    1. I have made free sites with Weebly that have more than five pages. I created a site for my wife's business, and it had about 25 different pages.