Thursday, July 17, 2014

Two Scoops Ahead!...without the yucky raisins. reminds me of the bulletin board in the copy room at work. The bulletin board has all sorts of information about upcoming dates, flyers, and “interesting” articles. You know, the dates that passed three months ago, or the flyers that are only for Spanish teachers, or the articles that are about the old curriculum that was eliminated three years ago? The only good thing about that bulletin board is the comic strips. is almost like that bulletin board, but it’s online. The best part is that you can make it only relevant to you, and you can keep it as up-to-date as you would like (and if you’re me, you can add as many comic strips as you can stand). allows its users to personalize this “online bulletin board.” You can find any website, article, comic strip, or video, and post it to your own page.  All you have to do is copy and paste any URL or upload any personal document, and it will appear on your page. You can also comment on the article, picture, video, etc. and others can see your comments. Additionally, you can make as many pages as you would like, which means multiple topics.

This also is a way to share information with other colleagues. For example, when you search for a certain topic, like “education” or “iPads,” related articles will appear. These articles have been “scooped” by people with similar interests to you, which could be other educators for people like me.  Also, you are provided with hundreds of suggestions for scoops, which can be really fun to just sit and click on each of them.

I like that is non-formal, and each scoop is almost like a mini-blog.  I had made one for a previous class, and it was specific to reluctant readers and using technology. You can tell when you look at it that I loved writing comments. It would be interesting to see how it could be used with middle school students. I would probably get some “interesting” comments and scoops…

…all appropriate ones, of course.


  1. Scoop It! seems like it would be a good resource if you were trying to gather information on a specific topic. Kind of like cutting out articles from magazines or newspapers... I could see this as an important resource for a research project or a persuasive writing assignment. -KC

  2. This reminds me of Pinterest! I love the idea of taking so many resources and categorizing them into topics and possibly subtopics and keeping them in one location. It makes it easy to access and share with others. Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. Great job laying out all the features of I can think of several ways to use this in my job. You made me realize just how much this platform can be customized and personalized. Check out the page that I made for my geometry classes on my blog.

  4. Like any system of online sharing, it is always tough for teachers to keep it going. Most people start strong and then slowly stop updating. I think this could be very effective for a specific topic. You could gather resources and then update once per year when you taught that topic again.