Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Glogster + Time = ?

I logged into Glogster, and I was happy with all of the templates I could pick! There were about 30 different templates all with different themes and formats, and I was excited!  ‘

I decided to go with a history timeline, and I figured I could turn this into a timeline for a text. I chose Steinbeck’s The Pearl, which is a novel I teach. Then, my excitement abruptly stopped.

I feel like Glogster doesn’t work as efficiently as it could. There are too many buttons, and I usually like having options. There are buttons for formatting the text box, and then there are buttons for formatting the text. The problem is the constant clicking and double-clicking on the text box and highlighting the text. I also found it difficult to keep all of the text consistent. While all of my text size was at 30, all of the different boxes were different sizes, so the text looked inconsistent.

The Second "Text  Box Formatting Box"
The First "Text Box Formatting" Box

After deciding not to mess around with the frustrating text anymore, I decided to upload a video. I wanted to pick a Steinbeck biography available on YouTube. It took me a while to figure out what I actually had to click to upload a video. I ended up with this screen!

For some reason, my video enlarged a million percent, and it took up my whole screen! After about a 10-minute freak out, I realized that the photo from YouTube just took up my whole Glog, so I just had to minimize it. This also frustrated me, so I decided to add a picture. My “glog-in-progress” said that I could “Drop Image” into a box, and I figured I could take a saved image from my Desktop and drag it into the box. Nope. I had to delete the “Drop Image” box and then upload my image via a randomly placed button, which I am still unsure as to how I found it.

I think Glogster could be fun a project (mostly at-home) for students as long as they have at least a week to first learn the tool and complete the project. Because of all of the templates, there is wide variety of ways to use it. It could be used for something simple like a book report or science project, but I think it would be a great way for students to introduce themselves. With enough time, it would give even the most “uncreative” student a chance to thoroughly express him or herself. A really awesome glog can look like this:

 I worked for about an hour, and as a relatively creative and tech person, this is all I accomplished before calling it quits:

So here is your answer, just in case you haven’t figured it out yet:
Glogster + Time = Frustration…at least for me


  1. I appreciate the realistic blog showing a negative look at a tool. I feel like Prezi would work well to make a timeline and is easier to navigate. Then students could also work together in real time.

  2. Like Amy, I appreciate that you were very honest about how you felt about using this tool. The final results can look fantastic like the "awesome glog" that you posted, but it sounds like it would take quite a bit of practice with Glogster before a teacher or students would get to that level of proficiency. Very good to know - especially since you mentioned in your previous post that this is a fairly expensive tool.

    On a completely different topic, I love your writing style. All of your posts are really fun to read. :)

  3. I love this post! It is very pleasing to the eye because of all of the colorful images and videos. I also think it is great that you were honest about Glogster not necessarily being the most user friendly tool. I think that this may be a tool that could be better utilized by high school students considering it may be challenging to use.