Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Dreaming about GAFE...and How I Can Use It

Last night, I had so many dreams about GAFE. It was wonderful.

I know that for my telecollaborative project, I want to create a literary magazine. With this literary magazine, it would be amazing to use Google Docs in order to have students collaborate with other groups of students in other schools or even other countries.

It would be possible for students to create posters or collages collaboratively online through the Google Draw app.  I made a (really crummy) collage that could be used for my literary magazine. I’m sure there would be a better way to create a more creative and artistic project. It would be nice if GAFE had a Glogster-like feature to help produce more creative projects.

My "collage" focused on Anne Frank, MLK, and Gandhi. Obviously this is not great, and I think the students would make a better collage, especially if they worked together for a period of time.

I also think it would be neat to have a collaborative poem written in Google Docs. This poem could be students within the same class, but it would be awesome to have students in different locations around the world writing a poem about what they see every day, how they deal with injustice, and how they try to fight injustice. This is what I would really want to accomplish with my literary magazine.

The students would love the fact that other students would be reading their work, and I feel like it is important for students to have an authentic audience. In a way, it adds more pressure to students because other people (besides me) will be reading it. However, it also takes away the pressure because it wouldn’t be read and analyzed for a grade.

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