Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Glogs is a Weird Word

Glogster is where you make glogs. Glogs are graphic blogs. Glogs is also a weird word.

While glogs is a strange word, glogs are actually just a way to create online posters. It makes even the most "uncreative" person look like Picasso. GlogsterEDU is a free online platform that allows you to create glogs, and it also allows you to create and share assignments with your class.

To start, you sign up, and you are taken to your Dashboard. From your Dashboard, you are able to create your glog. Your Dashboard looks like this:

 If you are a teacher, you are able to create a class and from the Dashboard, you are able to create assignments and send those assignments to your students, who will also need Glogster accounts. Glogster provides the teacher with a certain number of student accounts and passwords. The students will then change the password when they first log in. Glogster also allows you to check on the status of your student assignments, and you are able to send individual students notes and reminders. It is this instant feedback that is just one of these reasons why Glogster is an effective tool to use.

One issue with Glogster is that it can be pricey. There are free trial accounts for which you can sign up, but for the premium accounts, it can be quite pricey (upwards of $100 for class accounts). 

I’m a teacher. The only price tag I enjoy is free.

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